Monday, March 30, 2009

Chris Paul: Big Body/Small Head

As I was watching Chris Paul - or CP3 to his peeps (we need more athletes named after Star Wars droids) - pretty much outplay every Spur on Sunday Night, it dawned on me that something about him just didn't feel right.

It hit me when he was making one of his 3 free-throw after his full-body air-spasm was considered "in the act of shooting":

CP3 may have Downs and not even know it.

Let that sink in for a second. Ok, it is quite possible that he MAY just be some disproportioned freak, but it got me thinking just how crazy it would be if there was just some famous athlete out there who happens to be retarded, and their agents and family are just milking him for being an athletic savant; that he/she wasn't legally allowed to operate a moving vehicle.

Were you thinking Shaq too? Seriously. What a retard.

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