Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lost: "What Kate Does"

Episode generally continues the mold of follow-up episodes that are Kate-centric and that I find generally sort of a let down in comparison to the badassary of the openings.

No Evil Locke/Ben/Alpert = bummer.

However, there was enough going on perhipherally to Kate's little double-world rescue mission that kept most of it interesting. Let's start in the Other-World.
  • Ethan Goodspeed is a mild manner Dr. who still tries to deliver Claire's baby (rather than poking her with a needle, which is joked about, he just offers her a choice).
  • Kate is also an integral part in getting Claire to the hospital for delivery, though she probably won't do the actual job herself (yay, we are all spared angry-Claire howling and screaming, as well as collateral placenta damage).
  • BTW, what makes Kate turn around the cab? Was it realizing her scared patron was pregnant, or that, like Jack and Desmond, there was something vaguely familiar about the encounter?
  • Notice how we haven't heard anything about what Kate actually did in this reality? Perhaps she truly IS innocent this time around. Remember, Jacob bound Kate to the island with his touch when she was only a child, perhaps influencing her in life. In this reality sans-Jacob, who knows what will happen if Kate is never touched as a child (that sounds so wrong). Did Jacob save her, or condemn her? Perhaps in this reality, we will find out the consequences of a none-Jacob intervention.

  • Sayid, probably because the balance of power on the island has shifted and the mystical healing waters have turned the color of smokey, has been "claimed." Unlike Star Wars and the force, it seems that this light and dark side actively seek out their "chosen" rather than have the individual make the choice. Wait, isn't this show all about free will and the ability to choose a better life? The Temple-dwelling others seem to believe that Sayid, much like Frodo being stabbed the the Witch-King in the Fellowship of the Ring, will slowly turn to the darkside whether he wants to or not. 
So logic time:
   Sayid is touced by Jacob ---->
   Sayid is shot ----->
   Sayid is placed in the infected healing waters ---->
   Sayid is infected ---->
   Sayid turns ....?

  •  Why did I do that? To indicate that there is still a possibility that Sayid is cloaked by Jacob's original protection - that he is still "claimed" by Jacob. More simply though, it more likely that Sayid, like a game-piece on Jacob/MIB's eternal game-board,  is slowly switching sides.
  • Jack is saying all the right things on his way to redemption, even attempting to take illicit-medicine for his friends and letting Kate gallivant off to spend some time on the other side of the love-triangle. Or it could be that Jack is still a pill-popper. lols.
  • Kate's reaction to Sawyer's intense heart-break was interesting (did Sawyer steal that engagement ring, or was there a Dharma jewler?). Either she is heartbroken herself in that the man she still loves lost his chance at eternal happiness and is not into her, or that it reminded her of her own failed engagement with Jack. 
  • Speaking of which, I have always had a theory since Season 1 that it would end up Locke vs. Jack, and that because of the love triangle, Sawyer would choose Locke and ultimately die in series final episodes after finding redemption (presumably helping Jack/Kate). Sawyer seems to be in the right place mentally to say "Screw it," and join Locke, especially if smokey invites him by hinting that he could return Juliette to him. His character also seems ripe for dying, in that he truly has lost his best chance at happiness. Sorry all you Kate/Sawyer shippers, I think this was the episode that clearly indicate that Sawyer/Kate can never be. I'd love to hear your counter-theories though.
  • Wait, Jack becomes Jacob and thus saves Sawyer from Locke and he can live happily with Kate. There, you happy?
I don't know about you guys, but I am starting to dread the parallel shift (it could be that I just hate Kate's stories). Clearly, the on-island timeline is where its at adventure wise. Hopefully the alternate-reality can carry more intrigue than seeing on-island encounters playing out similarly/differently in the real world. 

- Claymhor

(I'm waiting for this flashback)

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