Saturday, July 24, 2010

On Bliss

I can unequivocally state that I am indeed living a charmed life.

It's really not in the process of getting married or in the time spent lounging on the Jamaican coastline that it hits you like an epiphany; really, it's just the simple, yet elusive, understanding that you are happy.

I don't want to sound arrogant, but Samantha and I's wedding sort of set the standard in terms of what a wedding should feel like - perfect for us. When there is a genuine sense of jubilation around a wedding, that's when I understood that our nuptials were not just a next step, but fundamentally necessary. Never before have I felt like a creature of destiny than having my girl say "I do."

Bliss, in our case, will never be fleeting. Though the memories of that night are seemingly flashes in a whirlwind of dancing and celebration, it is that feeling that remains. Thank you to everyone that shared it with us.

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