Thursday, August 5, 2010

Attempt on the Summit

In what may or may not be a shot into the void, I am going to attempt to write a novel. My goal, as of today, is to get one chapter out a week; of course, I am not sure how realistic this actually is as I have only mapped out the history and the arc the story is to travel, but hopefully my enthusiasm will carry me over the threshold.

What started as an inebriated thought bubble, I think may have some weight to it if I translate some heavy reality-based situations accurately. Ok, I mentioned the being drunk part, so I might as well come out with it: it will be science fiction (your eye-rolling makes me stronger).

I ran out books to read (also science fiction) in Jamaica, so I whipped out the notepad and started jotting down ideas that I had synthesized from years of delving into both non-fictional and fictional mythologies.

What better place than a beach to find inspiration? I actually can't say too much on the overall mythology of the book(s), because that will be a part of the process of discovery for the characters. Needless to say, working from the past to the present - in that order - was a little more daunting than I thought; by getting a solid history down on paper, I am hoping that twists and turns don't feel so contrived or like narrative devices to move the story a long. Basically, I don't want it to seem that I am making shit up as I go.

What kind of story will 9 bottles of Appleton's rum and a few liters of cola spawn? Might be cool to find out.

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