Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Death Knell of Summer

Don't let the looks deceive you. His idol is who he also is a dead-ringer for: Andy Milonakis; really, that should tell you all you need to know. If I may elaborate though:

He was the bane of everyone's Medieval Battles this last week, from ironically making fun of other players, to bouts of turrets-like cursing, to turning on the water-works when he was losing.

Even when he wasn't in the class, he apparently had no trouble making threats on the S.A.A. Summer Staff's jobs: "Don't be surprised if the school gets a call from my mom and you get fired," he boldly told one councilor after he was placed on the "wrong" dodgeball team in gym. His mom, incidentally, is the head of the Special Ed programs in the NSAISD, yet her child has no qualms about stating that he attends a "magnet school for the gifted."

Yeah, something does not compute. I am pretty sure his mom told him a story growing up about why he mercurially gets the mental/rage shakes. I bet the story was in the vein of "Lassie went to go live on a farm," but went more like, "Dear, no one understands you because your special."

So instead of giving the kid a heads up that he is in some way imbalanced, he interpreted mommy's story as a license to douche it up because he is "gifted." Also, big high-five to the rest of you parents who take your kids off their meds "for the summer;" you might as well pull the pin on a hand grenade of emotion for these kids, due to their bodies trying to cope with the lack of stabilizers and the mounting anxiety of being around humans other than their parents. Thanks a million!

After all that, he boldly claimed that one day we would pay HIM to help us. We quickly called the registrar and let the ban-hammer fly (they were eager to oblige). Sorry, Andy, my urge to kill rises when I see your face.

In brighter news, Medieval Battles has a youtube page now with some uploaded videos from our last session of the summer (share them!). Hopefully it gives some people the scope of the game, as well as how much these kids get into it. There is also the Facebook group page that I encourage people to join and share. Operation "market my balls of" is underway.

Teaching the morning sections had mostly positives, with the parents delighted and enthusiastic that their children would set alarms for themselves to get there early (or that they were even motivated at all in the summer); one kid even convinced his mother to get him their at 7:45AM (the class starts at 9AM), so that he could pick out his army early. Even though the mother was willing to do it because of her child's brimming enthusiasm, she was pretty relieved when she found out that there was no way in hell I would get there before 8:30 to set up. The negative for me: waking up at 7:45 after playing with my little brother till 2AM the night before.

It was an abbreviated Medieval Battles for me this year, what with the nuptials and all, and I am always sad to see the class go. Throughout my life, the last MB of the season has always seemed to represent the death knell of summer and the approach of real school. If I can somehow turn this class into a year-long job, I could theoretically extend summer and master time itself.

Or I would just have an awesome job.

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