Monday, August 30, 2010


A confluence of events has temporarily sapped my goodwill toward mankind. The "to do" list stacks up, with each added element adding its own form of chaos and stress. As it stands, Sam and I have to:

  1. Finish the thank you notes for the wedding (due to varying degrees of automated printing success)
  2. Choose the pictures for our wedding album.
  3. Get both cars inspected
  4. Get new tires for Sam's car
  5. Find a new place so that we can move out of the Camden by Oct 6th.
  6. Find a new career path.
  7. Research and complete applications for teachers college.
  8. Find time to tailgate.
  9. Visit Sam's Bubi in Toronto.
  10. *cough*fantasyfootball*cough*
Being a grown up right now is serious business.

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