Monday, October 25, 2010

Offensive Defense: (Rebuilding Year...)

Ugh, I'm a bandwagon baseball fan.

Of course, it was the perfect storm for the game to even get noticed in this region: every one of Texas' football teams have inspired whole cities into an early bereavement period that title hopes are lost. What the Rangers represent is a way to cope with that notion that Texas football is on the slide for the year.

In another perplexing twist this season, UT dropped back-to-back homes game in the Mac Brown era. The Back-to-back is not what's most perplexing, as the last home game was almost a month ago, it's the seeming regression of the offense after a stellar game plan and win against a tough and top-ranked Nebraska team the week before. In what almost mirrored the UCLA loss, the Texas offense lazily turned the ball over, forcing a vaunted (and maybe over hyped) UT defense to stay on the field for long stretches. It's all well and good when you stuff the running game, but giving the other team's offense that many free possessions wears even on the most talented unit.

The offensive line seemed to melt around Gilbert as the game progressed until he was getting harassed or hit every play. The new pro-scheme hasn't been an easy transition for the O-line or the quarterback, and their lack of running game success is forcing a young Gilbert (who had run the spread) into a pass-first "Romo-style" volley-spree. Did I mention that they have no consistent receivers? It was nice to see John Childs have a mini Roy Williams enlightenment on how to run routes.

I'll put down my thoughts on the Cowboys down once tonight's MNF against the Giants is concluded. If they win - I'm not going to step back from the ledge or anything. If Dallas is going to be successful, it needs to prove it can do some with a semblance of consistency.

Fantasy note: Goodbye Donald Driver - hello Kenny Britt.

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