Saturday, January 8, 2011

Frodo in the Hobbit?


Consider this SPOILER material:
  • In a greater effort to link the two franchises into a cohesive unit, The Hobbit will actually begin with scenes of Elijah Wood's Frodo finding the book and experiencing the story along with the audience for the first time.
  • It's unclear when Frodo will read the story; for my money, I am betting that Jackson places Frodo in those months (or was it years in the book) between Bilbo leaving the Shire after his 111st birthday in The Fellowship of the Ring, and Gandalf returning to the Shire after being convinced that the ring is indeed the "One Ring."
Shit, that Bilbo is crazy, yo!
 Not sure if it's necessary, but I guess it will help to be more edifying for the casual viewers whom might not even know how The Hobbit and LotR are connected.

 Listen, I am giddy for old characters returning - I just hope it doesn't end up being cheesy (knowing Peter Jackson, that fear is pretty irrational).

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