Friday, April 15, 2011

Casa de mi Padre Trailer!

Will Farrell...speaking nothing but Spanish.

Honestly, it's a brilliant concept that I am dumbfounded somebody actually shelled out money to produce - but I'm thankful for it. Will's film vehicles have been on a downward slide as of late, with  Land of the Lost  being such a giant flop. Now, he seems to be subtly building his brand back up again, with network appearances as Michael Scott's successor on The Office  as well as the transformation of his comedy website,, into a T.V. show.

I love Will's dedication to absurd characters and ideas, so I can't wait for this one. I am still a little miffed that no studio would shell out money for Anchorman 2  based on the fact that it's original theater run underperformed; other than the upcoming Hangover Part 2  and perhaps a sequel to Old School , I believe Anchorman  grown to the point where it's one of those comedy properties that would guaranteed blow up the box office;  I believe that movie has burrowed it's way so far into our culture that it is easily one of the most quoted films of all time, despite its weak theater run.

Yet, if foregoing big studio movies allows Will to take some turns into uncharted comedy territory like Casa de mi Padre ,  I am all for it.

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