Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Classic Trailers: Zack Snyder Edition

Since 300, Zack Snyder has vaulted to the level of young-auteur: he has assumed some level of near or complete control over each of properties he is associated with or created. His visual flare and love of the slow-mo "money-shot" revolutionized the way graphic novels and action films could be married effectively without compromising the identity of the source material.

Yet since 300, each of his films have declined in quality and received increasingly negative reviews. 300 benefited from the co-director, Frank Miller, also being the creator of the graphic novel; left to his own devices though, each of his films have been decried as increasingly flawed; audiences had problems with the major changes to the canon and the poor pacing of Watchmen,  while SuckerPunch suffered from kinetic overload, a half-baked story, and overuse of some of Snyder's visual signatures and framing.

Snyder has recently been given the keys by Producer Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight director) to reboot the Super Man franchise. As 300 and Watchmen have proven, Zack Snyder is probably the best in the world at bringing comic books truly to life and action. Here's hoping that he is able to reign in some of his bad habits, most notably treating the story as a necessary evil rather than an integral part of the film-making process.

One thing is certain, the man can produce a trailer:


Potential:  *****
Reality:  ****1/2


Potential:  *****
Reality: ****


Potential:  ****
Reality:   **

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