Sunday, April 3, 2011

Green Lantern is NOT Van Wilder 3 (or 4?)

The early Green Lantern stuff from last years ComiCon didn't blow me away - and I was actually left a little worried about the tone of the film. Don't get me wrong, I love the comedy shenanigans of Ryan Reynolds, but the early footage, which mostly included banter with roommate and hot girl, just made me more apathetic since I was never a Green Lanter die-hard to begin with.

Then again, it could have been this Thor shit:

Lols, the God that commanded electricity through his hammer got tazed, bro! Yeah, so that was the scene the studio chose to release to the masses, which hopefully is woefully out of context in relation to the tone of the rest of the movie. Seriously Marvel, I will walk out (no I won't).

But back to, Green Lantern, the studio sought to do some damage control after initial reactions weren't stellar, and assauge some fears that it wasn't just another Reynolds comedy vehicle. I guess in retrospect, it took the 9 months to release real footage because of the "OMG CG JELLYFISH GREEN LANTERN" amount of  necessary special FX.

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