Monday, May 9, 2011

PlayStation Network Up By May 31st - Nerds Weep!

Now the universal symbol for "implosion"

As I have talked about previously, the sundering of the PlayStation Network by hackers seemed to be debacle that would take only weeks to solve. Any official  information detailing the time frame for the online restoration that has come down the pipline on the company's blog  has been frustratingly brief and cryptic; each day of silence has only angered loyal customers more.

In an effort to throw the masses a bone, Sony talked about May 4th as the targeted day for restoration. Clearly, that day has come and gone with nary and explanation - until today.

Shigenori Yoshida, a spokesperson for Sony in Japan, told Bloomberg today that the company plans to have the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services fully restarted by May 31st.

May frickin' 31st?!?

When tested in the "B.S." meter, this too could be a loose timeframe, though the company indicates that it actually is "very  conservative." They maintain that May 31st is the date at which all phases of the network, which includes the online gaming, Qriocity, and the Playstation Store services, will be fully up and running. Sony assures that the gaming component of the network will be the first to be phased back in.

Honestly, it's almost impossible to pin down Sony at this point. Their mantra during this fiasco has been to basically go Helen Keller with their Public Relations. In any case, the PlayStation's future just might be filled with Sony executives that turn a deaf ear to their customers until they find themselves wandering blind and dumb amongst the wreckage of their brand.

That's not "water" Helen, that's failure.

Helen, pictured with her dog,

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