Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Transformers 3 Trailer!

I don't know what it is, but the trailers for Michael Bay's Transformers franchise always seem to pull the wool over my eyes until I physically get into the theater. That being said, this is another solid offering that, if correlated with early story reports on the film, could indicate that robot escalation we have all been waiting for.

It seems that Bay may finally have gotten through his pretty thick skull that fans do not want robot dick jokes, nonsensical globetrotting, and Shia LeBeouf going to robot heaven. All we want is continuous robot fighting. I appreciate his attention to "Bayhem" (mayhem lols) and the way he has always works in our armed forces (the flight-suits out of the helicopter is sick), but in terms of presenting a product that reflected well on all fronts, he just couldn't get past his own ego that all we needed was explosions, a hot girl, more explosions, and racists robots. As for the hot girl Bay replaced Megan Fox with: definite fish-face downgrade, bro.

But here we go again, Transformers 3: Battle Chicago . I know it's Dark of the Moon or some shit like that, but from early indications, that's exactly what this film is: an alien transformer invasion descending upon Chi-town, and the good guys fight it off.

See that wasn't so hard Michael Bay. I accept you into robot heaven if the promise of the film holds true.

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