Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mortal Kombat Legacy - Scorpion Vs. Sub Zero

I have been very underwhelmed with the Mortal Kombat "webisodes." The concept showed promise before it was green-lighted to become a series, and everything since then seems to be pretty hastily thrown together.

In any case, this was probably the episode everyone wanted to see done in live-action anyway - the origin of the Scorpion and Sub-Zero. It came with with a Part 1, but it was just stupid shit with  Scorpion's family (you're welcome).

Not to sure what to make of the "twist" ending involving Quan-Chi. It seems to go pretty heavily against the standard lore that Sub-Zero was the product of a set-up, since he is supposed to have been bloodthirsty enough to wipe out an entire clan.

Does that mean Sub-Zero is dead - or worse, that they are going to try and make him into a "good" guy so that both Scorpion and Sub-Zero can be redeemed heroes in the end?

You know what, fuck it. This series is too shitty for me to care.

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