Monday, July 18, 2011

Batman 3 Teaser Trailer!

Batman has learned a few tricks of the trade in The Dark Knight Rises

What can we learn from a teaser that shows/tells us nothing?

This is the trailer that I am sure the whole country saw attached to HP7.5 (as the highest grossing film of all time opening weekend, that is definitely not an understatement).

What can we glean? It's mostly made up of stock footage from the previous two movies, but we do learn some interesting tidbits from an injured Gorden in the hospital (I guess the one that Joker didn't blow up): at some point after The Dark Knight , Bruce Wayne gives up on Batman, and the shift in power allows for the rise of a "great evil" (presumably Bane by the quick cutaways). Batman will have to come back to  stop the new threat.

If we look at the villain/hero dynamic, Bane is the first real foe that can withstand Batmans physical abilities. In the comics, one of the most iconic images in all of the Batman lore is when Bane breaks Batman's back:

 I am not saying that will happen here (perhaps that is Gorden's fate), but we have never seen that sort of dynamic in Nolan's universe, as Batman could pretty much handle any baddy in a fight. Joker pushed Batman mentally, and now we are getting a villain that can push Bruce to the brink physically. Should make for some insane action.

The HD version is currently only available on the film's Facebook page

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