Monday, July 25, 2011

Spider-Man and Knights of Badassdom trailers!

Two trailers for the price of one...

Pretty sure everyone has seen it already, but if not here is the embed:

This just seems so...awkward.  This has to be the first time that a film franchise was rebooted within the same decade, especially after the previous incarnation's trilogy was insanely popular (even though the third is widely panned in geek circles).

The new trailer definitely didn't win me over either, as it seemingly (and foolishly from a marketing perspective) rehashes all the origin story plot points. The response to this trailer had been so bad that Sony clamoured to pull together some extra footage to show at Comicon 2K11, as well have Andrew Garfield (the new Peter Parker) appear in Spider-Man pajamas and tell the crowed how much the character meant to him growing up. It weird, but you would never think that a movie of this magnitude would have had something to prove going into  Comicon, but that's exactly what Sony found themselves doing.

From all reports, they knocked the presentation out of the park (save for some questionable Lizard CGI and design, which apparently looks totally out of place with the rest of the film). As well-liked as the first two movies in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man  trilogy were, it seems like the biggest buzz is coming from Garfield's take on Spider-Man himself; listen, I was pretty apathetic toward Toby McGuire as the man in suit, but it seems as if Garfield's Spider-Man is the funny, wise-cracking crime-fighter that McGuire's wasn't. Hopefully, we'll get a better trailer sooner rather than later.

But, if there was ever a movie whose trailer won me over in the first 10 seconds, it's Knights of Badassdom. Think of it as Evil Dead  meets your local neighborhood LARPers. Also, Peter Dinklage (AKA Tyrion Lannister) is in it.

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