Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My First TF2 Replay!

Things get a little stabby...

I recently came back to Team Fortress 2 after a summer-long hiatus playing other things; I guess that's the point with this game and I - I always come back. Other than the Scout,  I am pretty decent with every class.

Undoubtedly, my BEST class is the spy. Since the beginning, I have always loved the spy's mechanics; more specifically, I love destroying people's worlds and listening to Engineers rage over the microphone that "we need more @$!@$ pyros." 

To me, the best thing that happened to the spy has been the dead ringer pocket invisibility watch. Coupled with the Saharan gear loadout which guarantees silence upon decloak, and the possibilities for decimating a team that is not completely entrenched are endless. Even still, all it takes is getting that first disguise, and not even engineers can hear you coming. 

This is my first "saved" game and upload to youtube via TF2's new replay system. It's not the best quality, but I am anticipating trumping this little spree in no time. 

Also: if it's stuttering - check it here on Youtube

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