Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lost 3/3


  1. Why do you bury the other's bodies? So they can't come back to life? It's definitely quizzical as to why Alpert's crew need's a "trade" of Paul's body.
  2. Was quite the stone statue in the beginning - which also implies that Locke fell through at the same time as the statue; thus, the wheel is of an even older nature than we could have even known.
  3. First live baby conceived/born on the island (that we know of). I thought at first that it could be because of Sawyer's clue that the event that makes women infertile has not happened yet, though we have Goodman telling Sawyer that ALL Dharma women have their babies off-island. Does Juliet have the magic touch? Or perhaps, was the boy that was born because of Sawyer and crew's intervention more special than we know (because he wasn't supposed to exist)?
  4. Kind of a follow-up to #3, but it makes you wonder how much of these things that are happening are results of new changes in the time-line, or whether this stuff was already pre-destined to happen earlier. Ghost-Christian Shepard seems to suggest via Ben leaving the island instead of Locke (and Ben himself when his daughter died) that all is not set in stone. Charlotte ending up on the island even with Faraday's (who went into crazy Rain-man mode) intervention also suggests some sort of time correction.
  5. Got to love that Jin-English (Engrish? I kid.).
  6. Sawyer becoming the spiritual leader of Dharma? Hate to see Ben Linus try and kill him. By the way, where IS Ben?
  7. Quick back track to the plane scene: so everyone on Ajira Air was spiritually trying to embody and recreate their first ill-fated ride. Jack was Jack. Hurly was Charlie. Ben was Hurly. Sayiid was Kate. Kate was....Claire? Is Kate pregnant?!?
Theory: There have been allusions to the Losties being mere pawns on a chessboard - cogs in the wheel of fate. Perhaps though, it is not necessarily the people who are the pawns but what they bring in spirit. In Lost's case, spirit can seem to be both literal and quite figurative. Ghosts of the past and present are actively shifting through time and space to ferry an important group of Lost souls to return to the place where they are both needed, not so much for the events that are about to occur, but more for themselves.

Jack and Locke are probably the most obvious examples of this; even though they both seem to be of different molds (science/faith), they are both changed in similar ways by being on and off the island. As soon as Jack re-flashes back onto the brush of the island, he changes back into the hero he is supposed to be, saving both Hurly and Kate. Locke regains his legs, his self-assurance, and more recently his life by an island that needs him be the care-taker. We saw the repercussions of both of these men leaving - both on the verge of suicide and desperate. Yet as we know with Michael, the island (and time) abhors suicide. Perhaps Ben knew this when he keeps Locke from killing himself, only to turn around and murder him.

Yet could it be though that these men and women never left the island. Did anyone really survive that plane crash? Locke's reanimation brings up a lot of questions on whether or not the Losties spirits - their souls are trapped on this island. It's not so much the how or why (or when) they get to the point that they are reunited with their true identity - the spirit that they had lost - it's just that their journey WILL lead them there.

And by there journey, I think what Faraday mumbled this episode is important: that the record is playing again - they just aren't on the right song. What if all the songs that open each season of Lost are important not for their literal meanings, but for their allusion to the overall narrative structure of Lost. No matter what song is playing on the record, these people are fated (be it time or something more faith-y) to become who they are supposed to. To find their harmony - and thus create harmony no matter when they are. There is phrase amongst affected thespians that when they find the right role they say they are "born to play it.” Perhaps for our crew on Lost, they are pawns insomuch that they are intentionally being deprived or being led astray by the evil powers at be so that they never reach the point to where they fully embody that spirit - that role they are supposed to play. Is this why Locke's mother is intentionally run-down in the street? Why the psychic tries to keep Aaron from being raised by another? Yet what if it all never mattered. The music plays on and you either dance or die.

Time is funny because once again, only time will tell whether or not the Losties are now having an active influence in their own demise OR ascension into the people they need to be to save their world on the island, or perhaps more importantly whole world. The whole Lost crew - the band - is back together for round 2, this time in a different time on a different song (playing different instruments? Hurly --> Charlie/ Kate--> Claire). Perhaps this encore will finally save them.

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