Thursday, March 5, 2009

Terrell O(wnd)

That's my quarter...err career. The self-aggrandizing champion of himself probably just got a taste of his own medicine. If he would have played it straight he could have finished out his contract and made $20M more.

What seemed at first a way for the sport's media to get sure-fire seller of a story in the middle of the 2008 season turned into a cluster-fuck and a half for the team and we Cowboy's fans. Looks like nature won out over nurture for T.O., as his self-promoting ego couldn't even take the hit for his declining numbers and inability to run crisp routes. The physical aspect of his game is what carried him through 3 franchises - yet when that started depreciating, it became pretty evident that he had little character or will-power to overcome the situation himself, and instead blamed everyone else.

By coming out and publicly supporting T.O. during the season after his initial blow-up about getting more balls thrown his way (that's what she said), GM Jones (how pathetic is that)(too many parenthesis) unknowingly undermined his QB in virtually every aspect in terms of running the offense. Not only did Romo then have to read route progressions in under 3 seconds, but he also had to contend with that nagging (or shouting) voice in the back of his head...and on the sidelines...and in the locker-room....and from upper-management that he needed to feed the monster. Romo's play (and psyche) seemed to suffer. A class act (except for that whole Simpson thing - motorboating can only be fun for so long), how could anyone contend with a 24 hour news cycle that sought to dissect every snap as a microchosm of your relationship with players on the team and your ability to be a leader.

Reason seems to have finally reared it's head and beaten Jones into submission; though the team is left with a hole to fill talent wise, it can at least now start to fill in the void that T.O. had birthed in the lockeroom. Perhaps that was the wrong least now Romo and Witten can wipe the placenta off their face.

Sorry for that.

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