Thursday, November 5, 2009


These last two weeks feel like one big party-digression from the task at hand: applications. Halloween 2k9 was more than I could have hoped for; as much as I may want to credit my panty-dropping white-wine sangria, the simple truth is that Sam and I (and Gus) have amazing friends who made the night fun as hell.

Yet,  I was harboring some major guilt for throwing a banging party only 3 short days after my mother had a bone protruding from her leg. Even though my party was book-ended by 2 hellacious days of work, and thus should absolve me from any realistic way of going to see her, it still felt a little odd hopping around on two legs with a (literal) cuccumber in my unitard while my mom was barely mobil.

Even after spending the last 3 days with her, rolling her to and from places that we normally take for granted, it felt strange being so depended on by someone who my father, brothers and I depend on so. Perhaps in some cosmic role-reversal, my mother's karma for keeping the family running smoothly for 25 years is that she is to be doted over by everyone for 3 months while getting high on hydrocodone watching Fringe. I guess it's not a bad short-term fate after all.

Ultimately, it does bring reality crashing home that I really have taken the last fun month of ACL, UT and Dallas Football, and H-Ween for granted. Who knew that a shattered leg could hit home the reality that I really have made no progress on Gradschool; I have been altogether gimping about for too long, and need some semblance of balance that planning for a future brings.

Hopefully, I'll be living in the moment again soon enough.

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