Monday, November 22, 2010

Cowboys and Aliens Trailer!

This has to be the weirdest mash-up in a while. It takes place in 1860, and I am sure I would have seen it had it only been a western with Daniel Craig doing his best Indiana Jones (who also happens to be in the movie) now that the James Bond franchise is stuck in MGM's bankruptcy limbo. Harrison Ford looks to be playing it a bit campy as the initial baddy, but hopefully that will change when the aliens probe him.
It's directed by John Favreu, so it's going to LOOK amazing (ala Iron Man), but some of his decisions in the Iron Man sequel left me a bit miffed;  my biggest gripes may have been because of the pressure to incorporate and build on the Avengers plotline - which really came off as awkward and fucked up the pacing at times. Not to mention, the ending and final action set piece really fell flat due robots flying around and fighting in the DARK and a final confrontation that was lame in it's brevity and a little too "videogame endboss." Here's hoping that Iron Man 2 was more of an aberration.

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