Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wolverine 2 NOT a sequel?

Hit Fix has a few intriguing details as to why Wolverine gets a sequel - and why the hell Darren Aronofsky would even WANT to direct it.

Well it appears that Wolverine 2 is not actually Wolverine 2, but The Wolverine - a "one-shot" standalone flick based on Wolverine's attempts to claw-shiv ninjas. It's based on a esoteric story-arc that had Wolverine basically assume the roll of a wandering Samurai at the turn of the 20th century and "bone-clawing" things up as a pre-Weapon-X badass.

Aronofsky, though, seems to have modernized the tail a bit (ala Iron Man), to make up for Hugh Jackman's aging Wolverine.

I really wasn't a fan of Jackman's last solo-Wolverine flick (which he got producer's credits for), due to the lameness of the action and anachronistic placement of mutants just for the sake of a few extra box-office bucks. If you are going to do a solo-wolverine movie, you have to just let him go into feral badass mode and bring the "slice n' dice."

Obviously, the best X-Men movie, X-men 2: Wolverine Stabs the Fridge, had a couple of scenes that encompassed what any normal human would want and expect out of a "good" Wolverine movie.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Is more of that TOO much to ask? The new movie will probably confuse people since they are using the same actor but placing him outside the established movie-canon; that might not be a bad choice since the last 2 movies have pretty much destroyed the entire mythos. With the "X-men: First Class" looming as a "reboot/prequel" with Hugh Jackman also making a cameo as Wolverine, the whole franchise may be on its last legs (with Marvel Studios hopefully getting back the movie rights from Fox) unless both new movies deliver on some level. It's hard for me to trust a studio like Fox which has bungled things before.

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