Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Live Action Mortal Kombat Comes to the Web

If you aren't familiar with the original piece released last year on the web, a young director did a strikingly decent low-budget Mortal Kombat concept reel. The premise was, at that time, to ground MK back into reality; the short-flick  went so far as to even adapt and re-interpret extreme characters, like Baraka and Reptile, as real-world serial killers.

Check it out below:

The fact that they worked in Harlequin-fetus still blows my mind - as those mutant babies are the stuff of nightmares. Still though, the mood of the whole concept piece was very Seven. It played so well to the masses (mostly 26 year-olds like me who will argue with nostalgia-clouded judgement that there has actually been a good Mortal Kombat movie) that Midway, the company behind the storied game franchise, chose to fund the continuation of the series through weekly-released "webisodes" (what a lame word).

Here is Episode 1 of this new series:

This official series seems to have continued where the fan-made concept piece left off, but it's too early to tell (especially with official company money) whether or not the stories and characters will remain grounded with some semblance of realism, or if the webisodes go to further the official "canon" (I use that term loosely, because trying to understand the official canon would be like trying to understand this cat on LSD).With the new rebooted videogame coming out this month, it's hard not to smell an elaborate marketing ploy.

Personally, I hope this series remains true to it's original promise, rather than sell out to pimp the upcoming game.



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