Friday, May 20, 2011

Bad 80's - Invisible Touch

I am an unabashed Phil Collins fan. Did you know English Dwarfs could sing like angels accompanied by key-tar?

At one point in the 80's, there was one English Dwarf who ruled the world, and white people from miles around would gather and lose their shit to his siren's call.

But seriously, this guy was a magician. One of his first solo forays away from Genesis led to the greatest music video of all time: SOMETHING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO HEAVEN .

There was never a video that combined the hapless existence of a dog more ; it was once rumored that Phil Collins' voice had the power to seduce even a feral canine. This video cemented Phil as the "Dr. Doolittle of Power Ballads" :

In similar news, Phil Collins was just cast in The Hobbit  as the mayor of Hobbiton. Sorry, that's not true - but wouldn't it be cool if he was?

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