Thursday, May 19, 2011

Taming a Direwolf!

Augustus "Gus" Miller-Hamilton Shcnauzer is my fiercest friend. I reward him with what I call the "sleeping claw."


I was a little annoyed with HBO's Game of Thrones this week, as it was the first huge break with cannon. There were some revelations given and plots revealed in the T.V. show that I haven't even encountered in the novels yet, and I am 1300 pages into the series. I just wasn't prepared for the astronomical leap the story took, but I understand the small-screen can't always have the subtlety that books can convey.  

Knowing what I know about how the story is supposed to play out, I am hoping that they can at least do the big twists and turns some justice. My personal favorite stories so far in the books are the ones about Jon Snow and his direwolf "Ghost," as well as political maneuverings of the "Imp." 

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