Saturday, July 9, 2011

E3 Bioshock Infinite Gameplay Will Blow Your Mind

Not even joking.

The previous Bioshocks, which took place in an underwater utopia gone bad, seem to now have been merely a warm-up to their spiritual successor: Bioshock Infinite . Those games were so atmospheric and creepy that there was even a movie deal with Gore Verbinski, the director of The Ring and the Pirates of the Caribbean  movies, set to helm before it became apparent that to do the story and the feel of those games justice it was going to cost the studio a pretty penny, and they balked.

That being said, why invest in a movie when you can pretty much create the perfect interactive experience through a videogame? Watching this Bioshock Infinite trailer, I can't even imagine what it would be like to actually be the one pulling off half the stuff that's going on in the trailer. Though it takes place in a flying city rather than underwater, the creepy atmosphere from the previous games is still present so it feels like the Bioshock  universe. Yet, there is one thing I can promise you:  you've never seen action in a videogame done like this.

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