Monday, July 11, 2011

Kenny Powers - MFCEO Of K-Swiss

The day that a marketing department gave Robocop a blowjob is here

Whoever had the balls over at K-Swiss to green light this should be given a raise; Danny McBride's character, Kenny Powers, from HBO's Eastbound and Down ,  is already a cult phenomenon in many circles, and had already done a few nationally televised commercials for the shoe company. 

The problem was that to be nationally televised, K-Swiss pretty much had to undercut everything that makes McBride's Kenny Powers appealing in the first place (vulgur, crass, redneck), which defeats the purpose and reduces his presence as a "pitch-man" to more of an inside joke. 

This new piece of K-Swiss advertising that was just freshly released on the interwebz is finally the perfect marriage of character and brand, utilizing the red-band "anything goes" nature of Internet viral videos to do the character justice while simultaneously embedding the word "tubes" into your consumer subconscious. Honestly, this could spark a new wave of "hard-R" advertising - something that if done as right as this should bring result in some pretty damn entertaining fare. 

Now if only we could get some badass Redband movie trailers in front of R-Rated movies - you know, so we can further expedite the degradation of our culture's moral fiber. Lolz.

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