Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stream of Consciousness

One thing I realized very quickly is that writing in the history field is, lets just say, technical. So ubiquitously dry in fact that almost every modern publication follows the forumulaic equation of:

Thesis + evidence = just enough slight variations on what you probably already know as to be believable.

Thankfully, that means in terms of degree of analytical difficulty, the writing in history can be distilled pretty easily into poorly adjusted rote narratives. Modern historical analyses don't take chances or explore new and budding aspects of the field. It's boring as hell reading vaguely similar prose all the time and hoping for some 100 Years of Solitude, time-folding magic realism narrative that reduces the unstable and fluid nature of turn of the 20th century Latin American regime changes down to a singular context of one fami -- OH GOD I CAN'T STOP!

Yeah, I need to enjoy not writing like that for the next five days. Luckily, since I had the opportunity to quit the country club with the acceptance of an instructional assistant position in Texas State history department, I've been able to kick back and play the shit out of some games.

I pimped out the computer, probably as a means to coping with the predictable failure of a Jerry Jones built Dallas Cowboys team. There are vestiges still left of the Parcell's group in Romo and Witten, but the secondary has been a liability for what, the last decade? If you were to defeat Jerry in combat, his apprentice son would only rise to become the new Sith master. Can you tell I have been playing the Old Republic? It's very much like the preview build I played over the summer, but with all my major qualms fixed. It does take a horse of a PC to fully enjoy the experience, but upgrades purchased and installed through 3rd party computer parts vendors could get you going from $300-400.

Hey remember that time I told you about how awesome this fantasy football year was going to be? Oh you don't, well here is a refresher:

Do not want.

If you ever want to make me gush about having awesome younger brothers, just ask me - I find I love doing it. They are smart, funny, handsome, and I think I had a hand (or multiple fists/kicks) in making them the nicest guys you'll ever meet. It's also refreshing to know that a collaboration between myself and my younger brother could produce a comic version FunnyJunk detailing a Summer at the Academy misadventure.

I am beginning to hate the feral cat that is antagonizing my dog through the back-door glass. It's not so much that he does it, but how he does it.

As much as I have focused on doing school right (all night), I also need to remind myself how lucky I am to have the wife that I do, who is so supportive and, also, the nicest gal ever. She gives me a pretty long leash, and keeps me striving to be a better husband. Now that my schedule is a set one, it'll be much easier to sit down and make a calender of all that we should do together. Looking forward to trips to IKEA, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Central Market. Totes serious, y'all.

I leave you with a couple of trailers that melt my heart.  See you at the end of next semester!

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