Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wii Have Launch: Wii U Price and Date

After a mediocre showing at E3, Most of us were still scratching our heads as to what exactly Nintendo was trying to explain regarding the Wii U. It has a tablet controller, HD graphics, and perhaps even playing full games just on the controller. Fortunately, the media event this morning pulled the curtain back much more, and we now have official details on a launch date, price, lineup and some new features for the Wii U.

It will be launching on November 18th (which I think from now on should be called Nintendo Day, since they seem so infatuated with that particular date and launching new consoles), with a basic model price of 299.99 and a premium model of 349.99. As always there will be a Mario title at launch, but the rest of the lineup appears to be mostly made up of ports of games that have already been out for weeks and in some cases, months.

Click here to check out trailers, stats, and the features you'll get for the premium model

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